2017 NOPALES Conductors Workshop

Come enjoy an opportunity to learn new teaching strategies for band conductors! This is a chance for everyone to play in a full concert band setting. For those interested in conducting, you can select music to conduct with the group and get some coaching for professional development.

Designed for middle and high school music educators, as well as college and university faculty, the NOPALES Conductors Workshop includes sessions on pedagogy, gesture, rehearsal techniques, chamber music coaching, classroom management, philosophy and literature. Northern Arizona University faculty and distinguished guest clinicians have designed a workshop that is an exciting but also practical event for several levels and walks of musical life. The focus is to help wind band teachers serve their students and to offer ways to make an immediate difference in the classroom. Graduate students and upper-division under-graduates studying music education are also welcome.

It is important to note that the greatest learning occurs from watching others and assimilating ideas that are illuminated through this process. The conducting sessions will be designed to highlight and demonstrate conducting techniques and strategies that each of us can utilize in our rehearsals on a daily basis. Even if you are not a participating conductor, please bring a baton and your instrument with you to the workshop.

Go get you some NOPALES!

Daniel J. Schmidt, Host